Maybe we can’t change the world but we can start with changing our micro universe. That thought motivated us to try to make it in real. We changed comfort of nice and warm offices for our original, true love – nature. It was not that easy and quick decision but we managed to accomplish it and it was definitely one of the most important moments in our lives.

We’re actually brother and sister, always well-connected with similar interests and preferences. Both have university degrees in economy, spending our 20-es and part of 30-es in several business and social areas – from the local stock market to the NGO sector and electronic media. 2010 was the turning point in our careers – it was the year of the start of a transformation of our lives.

Exploring Montenegro in all seasons from a very young age, always keeping true love and devotion to our beautiful country as well as many outdoor activities, we’ve been involved in active tourism in different ways for more than a decade. Whether working on various projects for the development of local offers in rural and wild areas or guiding adventure trips, we have always tried to promote our nature, culture and tradition in the best way. Deciding to start our own company, we got full freedom how to make a concept that will be most efficient in it and we think we have found one of the best ways. Fully understanding the needs and expectations of modern active tourism as well as the growing need for the protection of nature, we have created an offer that will fulfil both of these criteria.

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