Slovenia to Croatia

First stage of the „Highlights of Via Dinarica“ program serial is a perfect introduction to the world of Dinarics. Moderate to challenging hikes take you on an unforgettable discovery of the highlights of Via Dinarica Slovenia & Croatia. We will learn about the secrets of its amazing underground world (praised even by the legendary documentarist David Atttenborough), ascend the peaks that will stun you with panoramic views to all sides (especially to the Adriatic coast and islands) and enjoy good food & company during our traverse of the Slovenian and Croatian Dinarics.

Croatia to Bosnia

Explore the Via Dinarica through Croatia and Bosnia, an area that is largely yet to be discovered by hikers. If they only knew what was waiting for them! On this adventure, you’ll find a playground for active travelers. Spectacular limestone peaks, the beautiful Adriatic coast, glacier lakes, amazing views, colorful wildflowers, medieval villages, and a gracious culture and people. Come explore Nature Parks Biokovo & Blidinje; visit Sarajevo, Bosnia’s capital city and a fascinating mix of European and Eastern culture; and hike Bjelasnica, one of four mountains around city that hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Bosnia to Montenegro

Come and explore Durmitor & Sutjeska National Parks: two stunning areas located at the heart of Dinaric Alps. During your trek, you’ll ascend Maglic (2,386m)–the highest peak of Bosnia, raft the Tara river, a UNESCO protected site and Europe’s deepest canyon, and visit Sarajevo, Bosnia’s capital city, which hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics. Sarajevo offers an ancient mix of European and Eastern culture and living history.

Albania to Kosovo

Truly one of the most magnificent hikes in the Balkans and, in fact, Europe, this Via Dinarica hike takes trekkers through Northern Albania, across the three-border point (Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo), and into Kosovo. Along the way, visitors will walk through Theth and Valbona National Parks, to stunning shepherd villages and into Kosovo.

Kosovo to Macedonia

This section of Via Dinarica is an epic eight-day hiking adventure in the Sharr Mountain Range (one of largest in the Southeast Europe, with 23 peaks higher than 2500 meters) and the Mavrovo National Park along the borders of Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania.